Weed Control and Fertilization

A lush green lawn starts with an early spring pre-emergent application and is your best chance to stop weeds before they start.  We have an affordable, proven 5 step system to achieve this goal:

Round 1  pre-emergent application: to stop weeds before the soil temperatures get warm enough for germination

Round 2  pre-emergent/ fertilizer application: to provide protection for the remainder of the growing season

Round 3  fertilizer application:  to provide essential nutrients for healthy turf grass

Round 4  fertilizer application:  to feed turf grass and minimize stress from hot summer days

Optional Round  fertilizer application:  to help turf grass prepare for dormancy and prolong green color into the fall

Round 5  fall pre-emergent:  to provide a barrier for cool season weeds and a good start for the next season

We also offer a cool season turf grass program.